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Together to bridge gaps and knowledge in COVID-19

A unique digital educational project to increase knowledge and gain experience about outpatient COVID-19 treatment and managing long-term COVID-19 conditions.


Project map

Project workflow overview for tracking updates step by step

Step #1 Awareness

Live Webinar

COVID-19 in outpatient settings:
a step-up challenge for healthcare professionals

26th January 2023 14:00 CET


  • 14.00Welcome and introduction | M. Bassetti, Genoa (Italy)
  • 14.10Pharmacological outpatient treatment of COVID-19: review of the literature | A. Vena, Genoa (Italy)
  • 14.40Corticosteroids and NSAIDs | T. Welte, Hannover (Germany)
  • 15.10Oral antivirals and monoclonal antibodies | M. Bassetti, Genoa (Italy)
  • 15.40Antibiotic therapy: bridging gaps for an appropriate use | C. Tascini, Udine (Italy)
  • 16.10Experience from real life | C. Dentone, Genoa (Italy)
  • 17.05Experience from real life | F. Portunato, Genoa (Italy)
  • 18.00Conclusion and take-home message

Long-COVID: lights and shadows of a new chronic condition

15th March 2023 14.00 CET


  • 14.00Welcome and introduction | M. Bassetti Genoa, (Italy)
  • 14.10Post-COVID Syndrome | F. Portunato, Genoa (Italy)
  • 14.40Multiorgan effects | I. Gentile, Naples (Italy)
  • 15.10Impact of COVID-19 in hospitalized patients | C. Dentone, Genoa (Italy)
  • 15.40Long term neurologic complications: differential diagnosis and management | R. Sonneville, Paris (France)
  • 16.10Experience from real life | A. Vena, Genoa (Italy)
  • 17.05Experience from real life | F. Portunato, Genoa (Italy)
  • 18.00Conclusion and take-home message

Teaching material

Expert interviews

A wide update on COVID-19, consisting of additional topics (in addition to the two live webinars) for a full update

Narrated slides

Powerpoint presentation of each webinar with insights and audible comments

Step #2 Draw up

Each attendee draws up a presentation powerpoint containing topic’s key messages and most relevant matters learned from the training program

  • English language
  • Bibliography references
  • Reference to COV-Working19 Project as a source
  • Upload and share on web repository

Step #3


Local and independent meeting to be held in Hospital or Clinic or University, using native language


Faculty and audience members are local


Provide information about the meeting to the Project Secretariat:

  • date and location
  • local expert panel
  • rationale, scientific program and objectives

Reasons why

To discuss treatment of acute COVID-19 and management of post-COVID conditions in outpatient settings, consistent with scientific guidelines and specific examples from clinical practice

To deepen grey areas of therapeutic approach of acute COVID-19 and recognition/management of long term effects of the infection

To focus on the experience of Excellence Centers for a more profitable learning process

Project values

International faculty with the high scientific value support of SITA (Italian Society of Antinfective Therapy) in collaboration with HTIDE Community (Hot Topics in Infectious diseases)

Single narrative flow consisting of live webinars and teaching materials for individual study, both combined to create experiential learning

Phigital experience to give users a new degree of flexibility, capable of mixing distance learning and individual time needs, and designed to ensure a relevant update

Learning goals

Increase knowledge to develop a strategic attitude that will result in a stronger evidence-based process-making

Understand and apply good clinical practice taking advantage of learnings from excellence centers, through real-life examples, insights and literature dissertation

Gain experience and upgrade skills around the use of novel therapies and increase the understanding of chronic health issues caused by the virus, consistent with evidence-based recommendations for outpatient SARS-CoV-2 infection

Key features



An application has been made to the UEMS EACCME® for CME accreditation of this project



Project official language


Scientific Coordinator

Professor Matteo Bassetti
Head of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Policlinico San Martino University Hospital in Genoa and Full Professor of Infectious Diseases of the University of Genoa, Italy
President of Italian Society of Antiinfective Therapy (SITA)
Chair, ESCMID Critically Ill Patients Study Group (ESGCIP)



Leading italian Experts on infectious diseases from SITA and international KOLs from the HTIDE Community

With the auspices of

With the Independent Medical Education Grant of Pfizer Global